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About us


  • Responsibility
  • Caring
  • Credibility
  • Team work spirit
  • Social responsibility


  • We believe that continuous and close communication with our customers is the way to our success
  • We believe that human resources are the most important asst to build the name of Abha Water Company
  • Notable presence in international events
  • Consumer’s satisfaction is one of our most important objectives


  • To positively affect people’s health by introducing high quality and reasonably priced natural mineral water
  • To leverage water quality in the Saudi market
  • To reach the highest quality level
  • To reach the biggest distribution points in the Kingdom through a connected series of procedures done by the work team
  • To be proactive to use the latest world-wide water filling technologies
  • To offer international quality using national technology that meets international quality standards.
  • One of the most trusted trade mark

Water Source

Far from environmental and industrial pollution, the raining clouds condense at 12000 feet height i.e. 2500 meters above sea level. The rain passes through Aseer Mountain Chain and our water acquires its mineral and natural properties therefrom. Then it gathers in a natural rock tank in Tannoma peaks, which makes it more pure and natural than any other water.

Natural Ingredients

Bicarbonate 50 بيكربونات
Calcium 20 كالسيوم
Potassium 3 بوتاسيم
pH 7.5 الرقم الهيدروجيني
Nitrate 1 نيترات
Sodium 10 صوديوم
Magnesium 3 ماغنيزيوم
TDS 50 – 100 المعادن الذائبة
Fluoride 0.6 فلورايد

Why Qatrat ?

Mineral water of local production free of chemical additives extracted from a 150 meter deep rock well at the peaks of Tanoma mountain. Water is extracted directly to the production line on a daily basis without storing in order to avoid the addition of any chemicals such as chloride.
The balance in the mineral ingredient and with a sodium content equivalent to 10 ppm/l makes (Qatrat Min Suhub) water suitable for everyone.

Mineral water vs Bottled water

Bottled water

  • Of desalinated and/or distilled water source whether from the sea or otherwise.
  • Required minerals are injected to potable water.
  • Cheap cost of production, transportation and storage.
  • Wells water are sometimes mixed with desalinated water in order to reduce production cost, thus it becomes potable water and not mineral water.

Natural mineral water

  • Of natural source, either from wells or springs.
  • Free of any chemical additives excluding fluoride.
  • High cost of production, transportation and storage.
  • Not mixed with any other water.

Where to Buy

  • مانويل
  • الدانوب
  • مرحبا
  • النجمة

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